On January 19, 2016- January 20, 2016 the AFGE Council 100 returned to the Bargaining table in an attempt to tweak some unfinished clauses in the New Contract before we take it to Arbitration.  On the Council 100’s team was Lead Negotiator AFGE Attorney Chad Harris, District NVP Joe Flynn, Council 100 President Hydrick Thomas, Region 2 VP Mac Johnson, Region 1 VP Stacy Bodtmann and Executive Vice President Alan Jackimowicz.  TSA’s Team was led by FSD Jim Spriggs 2 Attorneys and 1 Labor Management Specialist.
I wish we could say we have good news, but it was more of the same from TSA.  More take-a-ways, and TSA thought, that they could buy your vote, by throwing a pair of Cargo Pants on the table.  I would rather wear TSA issued pants with holes in them, then attempt to sell you a Contract, that has more take-a-ways than good quality gains for our workers.  This is typical TSA arrogance!!!
Allow me to briefly tell you what TSA Management is proposing. 
TOPS:  Put lipstick on it, and make it look like a “PIG” named PASS.  No Supervisor accountability.  I guess TSA Management feels that their Supervisors are so incompetent, that they can’t comprehend the idea of Document and Mentor. So if they hand you a blank piece of paper with a score on it, you should just accept it, and keep quiet.  They even thought that giving you a copy of your TOPS paperwork was beyond their apprehension. TSA wants to put back the APR assessments, and use APR Test results against the B.U.E.s.  TSA starts losing TOPS Grievances and exposing poor Supervisor evaluation, and so the TSA Attorney's decide that the Supervisors are beyond apprehending the Contract, so just rewrite the CBA to account for Supervisor laziness, or ignorance.  The words "Management Accountability" are dirty words for TSA Attorneys, and we can't have that in the CBA.   
Awards:  TSA held firm to a keep the money flowing to a privileged few scenario. TSA originally even had the nerve to place the Gale Rossides Award in our Contract. This former Anti-Union Administrator is all that is wrong with TSA, and TSA Management places her on a pedestal.  We attempted to get rid of the Awards Committee altogether, and distribute the money through a Longevity Awards System, fairly across the board. This, however, is the TSA Management’s Cash Cow to the privileged few, so why abide by the terms “Fair, and Equitable.”  AFGE even put in a fair system to understand the TOPS Award Payout System, but this made too much sense.  So TSA squashed the Union's desire to know ahead of time, exactly, what the TOPS Awards Payout Level numbers would be.  That would cause “Transparency,” and an informed workforce is dangerous in TSA's mind.
Sick Leave Restriction:  TSA wanted a rolling 12 month period to impose Sick Leave Restriction.  AFGE wanted a rolling 6 month timeline, or a period that coincides with the TOPS Performance year.  TSA wanted to “Double Bang” you for calling out, and being placed on Leave Restriction for 5 months. After you get off Leave Restriction, if you call off, then Management may use the same days a second time, when evaluating you for a second Leave Restriction. TSA also wanted to use legitimate, doctor prescribed, documentation, as a negative evaluator for Leave Restriction. They also wanted to be able to give you a Break within the First Hour of your Workday, or any time within the last hour.
Shift Bids/ Annual Leave Bids:  TSA wants to allow the Airports to remove Location on the Shift Bid Lines.  They also want to reverse the Arbitration Decision on Annual Leave, which allows AM and PM to bid together on the First Come /First Served Annual Days.  They want a AM, and a PM List separately.  AFGE asked for Full Timers to be able to Shift Trade with each other and work a 16 hour Shift immediately abutting their RDOs.  TSA said no way!  This will make the Officer inattentive to duty.  We argued, that it happens every Holiday, and in some Airports almost daily. We argued that by working a 16 hour day immediately abutting a BUEs regular RDOs will then give them a 3 Days off scenario, and make this job more bearable and raise morale. But why raise morale?  The Mission…the Mission will raise Morale!  You don’t need 3 days off to spend with your family.  Remember the Mission!!     
Uniforms:  This where TSA thinks that they will “WOW” you into voting “yes” on the CBA agreed upon terms.  They gave in on Cargo Pants at the Checkpoints, removed the stripe, put Black T-Shirts on the VF Solutions, and are going to allow Tattoos to not be covered unless Obscene.  This follows Customs Guidelines.  Are you impressed?  TSA threw a pair of pants on the table.
Parking:  Non Negotiable.  TSA wouldn’t memorialize the Free Parking ruling made by Former Administrator Pistole.  Without a guarantee, then it can be taken away.
Special Assignments:  TSA wants to continue with the “LIFER” SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT policy.  TSA writes policies to use, and reject whenever it so pleases Management. So TSA wants to continue to reward a select few, by carrying them as TSOs, but hiding them in Special Assignments for their whole career.  They also don’t want you to crash their Fraternity unless Management so chooses to do so.  This is against TSA Management Directives, that state a Special Assignment can last no more than 2 Years, but who follows Rules anyways.
Dispute Resolution:  TSA wants to have all Union Reps. attend formal discipline meeting, or Contract Violation Meetings on their own time.  Let’s block “Due Process,” shall we??  They also want the authority to give, or take away current Union Office Space. But this isn’t Union Busting!!!  No!!  AFGE offered that the TSA Management Staff make time to adjust Management’s schedule, to coincide with the Union Reps. schedule.  So perhaps the FDS can stay up until Midnight when the Union Rep shows up for his shift to represent a Member in a Grievance. TSA didn’t like that scenario. 
CBA Training and Dispute and Grievance Writing Training:  TSA prefers to not allow any TSO to become more knowledgeable than their own Attorneys.  So TSA said No, to any training Official Time off for New Union Representatives, or the TSA Council 100 Trainers.  
Committees:  TSA wants the Committees, but they want complete control over who will be on the committees by saying that TSA will determine the criteria.  This leads to collusion, and “gaming” the system.  This is the same criteria that gave you the NAC.  Do you remember the NAC?  Well the NAC is who decided that Managers didn’t need to be tested every year on the SOP.  They also decided to give you PASS.  You know the Pay for Performance we are now suffering to get rid of. They also decided to test you on the TDC. Management wasn’t 100% at fault, because they used the TSOs on the NAC to screw everyone over.  Thank You!!!
New Grievance Process:  AFGE added a new Article that established a new, fair and equitable Grievance process that is used by many other Federal Agencies.  TSA obviously rejected this Article.  Why shouldn’t they?  TSA controls who can grieve, when they can grieve, and what the final outcome will be.  They control the Arbitration Process and can stall the process by just stalling the grievance until it’s so old, that the Grievant no longer cares. Why would an Agency that is so cloaked in Deceit, ever want to play fair??  
Well, there is a short synopsis of what went on during the negotiations, and where we now stand.  We are sorry that we couldn’t come back with better news.  It was all take a-ways, and don’t allow the Union to make TSA a more bearable place to work.  The Snake has reared his ugly head again!
So what do we do? 
You will decide.
Vote “No and we return to the Bargaining Table.
Vote “Yes” and go order your new Pair of Pants!
I know how I’m Voting.
Perhaps we need to all send Administrator Neffenger an old pair of Pants in protest.
The Voting will take place around the end of February. Your airport will advise you on the process.   
If you haven’t contacted your Regional Vice President regarding your attendance at the Legislative Conference please do so ASAP. Mark Ireland, Bobby Newsome, and Rob Williams will be making appointments for you to see your Congressman. Charity Wilson will have some good news regarding a Title 5 Rights Bill being introduced by Congressman Bennie Thompson.  Perhaps it will be introduced while we are in Washington.  The Council 100 will hold a meeting on Sunday, February 7th, and Charity will speak to you on TSA Issues that you need to raise with your Congressman. After these Contract negotiations, we now need Title 5 more than ever. This needs to be an all out effort by every Bargaining Unit Employee, or it will fail.      
See You there.  
In Solidarity,
Hydrick Thomas
Alan Jackimowicz
Executive Vice President  
Norma Gonzalez
Secretary/ Treasurer             
Stacy Bodtmann
Region #1 Vice Pres. 
Mac Johnson
Region#2 Vice Pres.
Vaughn Glenn
Region #3 Vice Pres.         
Becky Mancha
Region #4 Vice Pres.
George Biel
Region #5 Vice Pres.
Bobby Orozco
Region #6 Vice Pres.
Joe Shuker
Region #7 Vice Pres.